Awarewaunau steals spotlight at South Rupununi Games

secures both Men’s and Women’s Championship Title

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, August 27, 2019

“We are all happy today… last year, they beat us. They put us out before, so we said this year is our time, our chance. So, we made up our minds. That is how we achieved the victory,” said Peter Philips, the young football captain from Awarewaunau.

Philips was at the time speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) after cementing a victory over the Aishalton team in the Men’s Football Finals. The team rose to the top with a blowout score of 6-0 at the South Rupununi August Games in Shea Village.

“I am so pleased. Last year I didn’t participate because I was injured. This year I took part… This is the sixth time I have won these August Games so I am proud about it,” the captain continued.

As fate would have it, the Awarewaunau’s women side was also victorious over their counterparts. With 17 years of experience, their captain, Rebecca McBirney, led them to a comfortable 2-1 victory, this being their third consecutive championship win.

Captain McBirney who commended the overwhelming signs of approval from relatives and spectators that travelled long distances to participate in the activities. “Most people are supporting us. They are very happy to see that we won again,” 19-year-old McBirney related.

The Shea Games were not short of its vendors that prepared palatable dishes on the sidelines. Concerning Indigenous craft, Guyana’s version of the fictional Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series was on the scene. Decked in the iconic pirate apparel, Aaron Stevens (alias ‘Captain Sparrow’) attracted customers that supported his trade and delved into the items on display.

“Business has been going really good. This is my second day… These are all made locally. These are cow horns. These are the beads that you find here in the South Rupununi.”

The activities culminated with the presentation of awards by Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Hon. Sydney Allicock. During remarks, the minister lauded the Indigenous Peoples for remaining steadfast in their culture and reiterated the Coalition Government’s commitment towards the development of Guyana’s first peoples.

According to Minister Allicock, “we as a Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs and the Government have been supportive. We would like to continue to support as long as you find it necessary to ask us for that support.”

Cycling, cotton spinning, archery, basket weaving, basket weaving and pepperpot eating were some of the other competitions held during the week-long annual games. Aishalton will host the August Games in 2020.