‘Because We Care’ cash grant easing back-to-school costs for parents

Parents and guardians of the Ketley Primary School have expressed appreciation for the ‘Because we care’ cash grant, which was distributed on Thursday.

The school received over $11 million to be distributed to parents.

Mala Biswah, a single parent, said this is the second year she is receiving the grant.

“Me ain’t start buy nothing yet, so I was waiting on it so I could start buy,” she said.

Minister Rodrigues interacts with persons waiting to receive their cash.

Another parent, Odessa Williams expressed her appreciation for the grant at this particular time because of the assistance it provides with preparing her children for the new school term.

Minister Rodrigues interacts with a parent at the Ketley Primary School

“I’m very grateful for the help and the kids yuh know, so it’s a good start fuh we, cause remember its right through the year, but you know I just glad it keeps happening and getting more bigger because things getting more harder…so thanks and grateful for it,” Williams said.  

Carolyne Richards

Meanwhile, other recipients of the cash grant, Carolyn Richards and Clement Been said this is a good initiative that helps parents prepare the children for school at a time when parents and guardians are coping with the other financial expenses.  

Richards said, “I really feel satisfied and blessed that the government has taken its time out to give our children this because we as parents we sometime go through a little struggle but this has made us and show that the government has really care for us and our children.”

While Benn noted that the grant will help him take care of the children under his care.

“I am the person looking after the children and it does be hard sometimes, but I try to let things do that they can get everything that they need to get with the cash grant or without the cash grant, but I’m just thankful for it”, he said.  

Chlorine Patterson, a grandparent.

Also, Chlorine Patterson who is a grandmother of seven said that she is elated because the government cash grant is timely.

“I feel very happy about it because its gonna help out most of the situation where school is concern and I’m very thankful also grateful for this cash grant,” she told DPI.

A parent receives the “Because we Care” cash grant.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues, a former student of the school, was present to deliver remarks and hand over the first grant to another student of the school.

According to Minister Rodrigues, all programmes laid out by the government are geared at empowering the people.

A parent receives her the grant.

As a government we choose to honor our commitments, we choose to honor our promise and we choose to invest in the trust and to invest in the relationship that we have in our people that’s why this cash grant is so significant, so important to us and we are a government about empowering people, empowering you is giving you the means to make your own decisions,” Minister Rodrigues said.


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