Burma main road to be rehabilitated

─ Min. Patterson pledges 15 streetlights for community

 ─ roadworks to commence when rains ease

 DPI, Guyana, Sunday, August 18, 2019

“It is a good gesture by the government. It is a good gesture for them to come forward to look after the road because, with roads in the community, it is a sign of development,” said Ivor Hamilton, a resident of Burma, during a community meeting.

Another resident, Nigel Bradford conveyed, “the hire cars that come in, they charge a higher sum because of the condition of the road and the expense they have to maintain their car. So, if the road is improved, it would ease the cost of coming in.”

These comments came after Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson pledged to ensure Burma’s main road is rehabilitated.

“The maintenance crew is supposed to be here shortly… That contract will start, and you will have at least temporary relief from the bad pothole status it is in at the moment,” said Minister Patterson.

Relating to major upgrades to the road, Minister Patterson noted:

“We [the Ministry of Public Infrastructure] have decided we would be doing it in phases- in 3 phases… in three different sections and it will probably take us 18 months.”

The patching of the roads will commence after the rainy season.

Burma community is also set to receive streetlights. Minister Patterson committed to providing 15 LED lights to the community that will be positioned at points decided by the residents.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Noel Holder, led a delegation of officials to the agriculturally-based community to listen to the concerns of residents. At the meeting, General Manager, Aubrey Charles, of the Mahaica Mahaicony Abary/Agricultural Development Authority (MMA/ADA) encouraged farmers to apply for land that is available under MMA.

“On the left bank of the Berbice river… those lands are undeveloped. So, you would have to put in the necessary infrastructure. We have the main irrigation canal. We have the main drainage. We have access [canal], and those are the lands we are giving out in blocks of approximately 500 acres,” the General-Manager explained.

The meeting in Burma was one of several meetings held by government ministers within Region 5 to listen to the issues of residents and to offer solutions.