Buxton/Friendship farmers to receive assistance

– Min. Trotman makes assessment visit to farms

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Farmers from the Buxton/Friendship will soon be receiving much-needed assistance following an assessment visit by Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman. The visit follows a request made by the farmers who are experiencing difficulties.

Some of those challenges include drainage and irrigation, construction of roads leading to the farms and ploughing of the farmlands. After an on-site visit, guided by the farmers within the community, Minister Trotman disclosed that he immediately spoke with the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Noel Holder on how best the issues can be addressed.

Minister Trotman relayed his optimism that some of the issues will be addressed within in days.

“I am here to report on behalf of the minister, so I will let him know what is going on the ground.”

The minister also noted his satisfaction seeing residents who are enthusiastic about farming and was “overjoyed to see people returning to the land.”

Sandy Adams, a farmer within the community, said that he was pleased with the minister’s visit. Describing it as fruitful, Adams said it allowed himself and fellow farmers to share some of the plans they have for the development of their farms.

“We had a meeting with the minister, and he promised that he will return and we are pleased that he did and we are also pleased that he is interested in getting the project going. I am a farmer for over 50 years, and I am happy that the minister came, and we are putting things back in place,” Adams said.

He further explained, “one of the plans is to get the amount of water we need to do our farming, but he said he will assist us and we thank him for that.”

The action taken by Minister Trotman is in keeping with the government’s efforts to address the needs of residents that are highlighted at the community meetings being held countrywide.