De Willem Housing Scheme gets First-time Water Access

Georgetown, Guyana: New home owners residing in De Willem Housing Scheme, Region 3 can comfortably access water on their premises, while prospective occupants can consider building their homes, now that a water distribution system is in place.

The realization of this new water network comes following an intervention by Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues who visited the area on Tuesday, February 16, upon the invitation of residents.

Prior to her visit, Minister Rodrigues received complaints from members of the community regarding the lack of infrastructure to make it liveable. During her meeting with them, the Minister explained that the water system that was recently installed is just a temporary solution.

She noted that her Ministry is on a quest to ensure new housing schemes are developed with the basic amenities such as water and given that this scheme has been in existence for over five years, such services should have already been in place.

As part of plans to provide immediate relief, Minister Rodrigues informed residents that the provision of water supply to the community, which consists of more than 300 lots, was realized through the connection of a six inch transmission pipeline to the De Willem water distribution network, which is supplied by the Uitvlugt Water Treatment Plant. This is a short term mechanism that would see residents receiving water at the stand pipe level on their premises.

The Ministry in collaboration with the Guyana Water Incorporated would then undertake a permanent solution, which entails a direct connection to the Uitvlugt Water Treatment Plant, using an eight inch transmission line. This would allow a significant improvement in the level of service to each household.

In order to benefit from the water supply, residents are required to apply for their individual service connections, upon which time the installation will occur.

The Minister also vowed, through CH&PA to ensure there is electricity supply in the area.

Residents thanked the Minister for her, noting that it is a great relief, particularly for those who have already moved into their new homes.