Drivers laud Govt’s decision to remove excise tax from fuel

─ welcome reduction in fuel prices

As the PPP/C Government continues to implement mechanisms to alleviate the rise in cost of living, transportation operators on Thursday lauded the government’s most recent initiative to reduce the cost for gas at pump stations.

DPI travelled to several gas stations across the capital city to hear citizens’ thoughts on government’s most recent move.

Devon Charles

“Is nice man, because you know like the gas raise and then yuh gah raise yuh taxi fare and you as a driver wa gah a conscience, it hurting yuh to know you gah tell somebody [the higher price] …so we would glad fuh the gas [price] drop, so everybody could eat,” Devon Charles said as he pulled up to fill his gas tank at a gas station.

Another driver, Sunil Persaud, explained that this reduction will not only be good for drivers but will be of overall benefit to regular consumers as well, as fuel is the main factor behind many hikes in prices of goods.

“[when] the gas price raised, it is pressuring poor people more…so if it drops and suh man, we could…live, and try fuh get everything going,” he explained.

Colin Peters

Meanwhile, Colin Peters recognised the negative effects that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is having on economies globally, and opined that despite this, the government is finding effective means to mitigate the spike in the cost of living.

“This is very good, that [the fuel prices] could come down in this crisis too, with the war overseas and everything…very good of the government, and kudos,” Peters said.

Taxi driver Akeem Bynoe reiterated the fact that this measure, which is only one of many expected measures to come shortly, is going to be the answer to many problems his passengers and other citizens have been raising over the last few weeks.

“Everybody gon benefit from it. Is lots of complaints we been getting about the gas price and everything, so at least this gon mek a…difference,” Bynoe opined.

Akeem Bynoe

When the government assumed office in 2020, the excise tax stood at 50 per cent; however, it was reduced to 35 per cent in February 2021, then to 20 per cent in October that same year. A further reduction was made to 10 per cent in the 2022 budget and now zero.

Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, when making this announcement on Wednesday, explained that while the cost of fuel remains high due to external factors, the administration continues to subsidise costs by offering incentives, tax breaks, and other measures to supplement household income.


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