Finance Ministers commit to providing solutions to Linden issues

─ govt to allocate budget funds to development initiatives

─ residents show initiative in developing area

─ “We are here for you, we continue to be here for you” – Min. Sharma

– govt on a series of countrywide outreaches to ascertain the conditions under which people live and get a view on matters which affect them

– ensuring citizens benefiting from the good life promised

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, February 2, 2019

As the government continued its commitment to have direct dialogue with the Guyanese people, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan and Minister within the Ministry, Jaipaul Sharma visited the Linden township today to address residents’ concerns and to provide solutions.

Minister Jordan visited the Christianburg community to engage the citizens, listen to their concerns and develop solutions that propel the government’s vision of a good life for all Guyanese.

He also informed residents of various programs and grants available and encouraged young people to learn trade skills and make themselves more marketable.

Residents of Section ‘C’ Christianburg expressed their thoughts about the ground visit.

One resident, Yohan London told the Department of Public of Information (DPI) that he is greatly pleased by the government’s visit.

“We need this kind of relevance with our politicians; for them to be relevant all the time, always on the go, on the attack, being a part of our community interaction and our community interviews. I think it’s important that leaders consistently visit their constituents,” London said.

“A lot of persons in this area are not in their 30’s as yet, we have a predominantly young community, so most of the persons would have grown up with 23 years of just strictly ‘narco-trafficking’, gang violence, massacres, Lusignan – That’s what they would have been accustomed to, and for the past 3 years you would have seen a level of democracy being returned to this area, we have seen a level of normalcy being returned to this country as it relates to certain basic things and when it comes to transparency,” London added.

The exercise today also sought to mobilise the residents of Linden and to provide answers for their many questions.

Also speaking to the DPI, Minister Sharma said:

“The initiative in Linden here today is because the people of Linden wanted to see us for a long time, and we said this is the most opportune time just after the Local Government Elections… We decided to come and have a walkabout with the people, the people have a lot of concerns, a lot of questions. We also took the advantage of saying to them that we are here for you, we continue to be here for you.”

Minister Sharma further assured residents of Spike Land, Linden that the government intends to use the funds allocated in the budget for the benefit of all Guyanese. He noted that the administration is also exploring the budget for ways to allocate funds to assist the residents with much-needed projects.

“If you would have followed the Budget of 2019, there were some areas in the budget that wasn’t specific, it was a lump sum, and so, it’s a possibility if a person has a little road here to do or a little bridge here to do or things of that nature, we could do some mapping, we could now say we have a project to put to that figure. I’m taking this opportunity as I visit the Community of Spike Land that I would identify some issues,” the minister explained.

The Finance Ministers were part of a larger Ministerial team that visited several communities within the township of Linden in Region 10 today. Similar exercises have been recently held at the Stabroek and Bourda markets. This outreach was deemed fruitful, as ministers and other government officials were on the ground to witness residents’ initiative and willingness to facilitate development in the region.

Nateshia Isaacs

Images: Jules Gibson


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