Foreign interference is an infringement of democratic process 

US Congresswoman Yvette Clark on Guyana’s electoral process

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 17, 2020

“For any entity outside of the Guyanese people themselves to weigh in on what is taking place is an infringement of the democratic process of the nation.”

This was view was expressed by United States Congresswoman, Yvette Clark, of New York’s 9th congressional district, earlier today. She was at the time commenting on the current electoral situation in Guyana during an interview on the Caribbean Power Jam Radio (CPJR).

In her remarks, Congresswoman Clark maintained that “as a sovereign nation, Guyana has the responsibility to conduct free and fair elections and that every process under its constitution must be adhered to for the democratic process to reach its logical conclusion.”

She further highlighted that the electoral process is not yet completed and noted that foreign interference in the process is a violation of the nation’s sovereignty.

Congresswoman Clark also pointed out that while sections of the population regard the Trump administration as a “legitimate arbitrary” in the Guyana situation, she would advise otherwise.

“With the Trump administration, their motives will always be questionable. They have expressed and demonstrated to the American people they have corrupt intent in other parts of the world,” she remarked.

Her statements come after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced visa restrictions for those persons, he alleges are undermining Guyana’s democracy.

On Thursday, Campaign Co-Manager of the APNU-AFC, Joseph Harmon firmly maintained that the Coalition will continue to stand firm in the face of all attempts by forces to violate Guyana’s rule of law.


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