Guyanese will continue to benefit from sound fiscal policies – Dr Westford

The fiscal policies of the PPP/C Government are sound and translate into sustainable development for Guyanese across the country.

This was on Wednesday reaffirmed in the National Assembly by Government Member of Parliament, Dr Jennifer Westford, during day three of the budget debate.

Government Member of Parliament, Dr Jennifer Westford

Guyanese, the MP noted, will continue to see meaningful investments in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, among other sectors.

“The amountof infrastructure enhancements that we are going to see in this budget is definitely going to improve the lives of our people,” she told the house.

Dr Westford reiterated the government’s commitment to implementing prudent economic policies, which are crafted through a consultative process with relevant stakeholders.

Government will continue to deliver on its manifesto promises and remains committed to improving the livelihood of every citizen, the MP noted. “We have come a long, long way from where we were in 2020,” she added.

The $781.9 billion budget was presented on January 16 by Senior Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh and is one of the largest to date.

Minister Singh said the budget will be implemented through a variety of direct and indirect initiatives, with key emphasis on promoting private investment, job creation, and skills training.

He said the budget is in line with President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s philosophy of ‘One Guyana’, which emphasises the need for unity and for citizens to benefit equitably from Guyana’s ongoing transformation.