Home affairs ministry implementing host of initiatives to enhance public security

Government is making significant effort to strengthen public security, to reduce crime and improve police engagement with citizens countrywide.

With the administration’s aggressive move to implement the ‘Increasing the peace in Guyana’ initiative, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, MP, said residents of Region Six will also reap the benefits of the initiative.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, MP.

He made the revelation during a Cabinet outreach led by His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali in the region on Monday.

The new approach, Minister Benn said, will bring about major institutional changes through strategic reforms in the police force, increasing safety in communities.

“Increasing the peace in Guyana, needs to recognise that we have challenges in respect of poverty, it will recognise the fact that we are not a little island like those in the Caribbean.”

As Guyana moves forward, East- Berbice- Corentyne is expected to receive major development. To this end, the home affairs minister noted that guarding the livelihoods of citizens is of top priority for the government. He expressed satisfaction with the restoration of community policing groups which will add to the improved safety of citizens.

“We have community policing groups which I am glad have been rejuvenated and we want of course more information to come to ourselves not only to the police but ourselves in respect to issues relating to crime, violence and drugs.”

Additionally, to ensure the engagements between the police and citizens are of standards that reflect a developing Guyana, the ministry will be installing audible CCTV cameras at the counter of every police station, to ensure citizens are offered the best policing services.

“With the new transition there is a wind of change by the Guyana police force and in the other agencies and as I also said that they have a mandate to be more empathetic, to treat people better. I keep saying that we need people to be treated in a way we want ourselves to be treated or how we want our wife, our daughter, our mother to be treated if they come in contact with the law,” said Minister Benn.

Meanwhile, the ministry is working to build three new prison modules at the Lusignan and New Amsterdam prisons. Which will have a safer and modern prison system attached with a school to reduce inmate recidivism.