Homebuilders Roadmap to be launched soon

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) will soon launch a Homebuilders Roadmap, which will provide a wide range of guidelines for persons as they construct their homes.

Speaking with DPI on Thursday, Consumer Affairs Officer (ag) Rusante Perry noted that the initiative started after it was discovered that many people are affected by substandard services while building.

“It’s a homebuilders roadmap to guide persons on the processes of building, because a lot of persons want to build but they literally have no clue on what to do. Our roadmap guides you from acquiring land right up to construction,” Ms. Perry said.

She added that the document could be kept readily at hand and it will save them time and money while safeguarding them shoddy work.

Ms. Perry said the document comprises six phases; acquiring the land, consulting with an architect, the approval of the plan, selecting a contractor, obtaining finance and the construction process.

“We will also provide tips in the construction process, what to look for, how to ensure that you receive value for money in the construction process and we have collaborated with the GNBS (Guyana National Bureau of Standards).  So, for standards relating to building, we want to have it highlighted on the roadmap so persons can always refer to those standards to ensure that whatever they purchase, it reaches those criteria,” the consumer affairs official said.

She added that the many complaints received about shoddy works from contractors was the main reason the roadmap was developed.

“Because of a lack of knowledge, persons were being tricked into things,” Ms. Perry said.

She added: “We need to guide consumers not only about the process but selecting the right contractor because there are a lot of persons who claim to be contractors but they are really not equipped with the necessary skills and so we really want to safeguard consumers against that not only monetary and time but also their health and safety.”

The roadmap was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing and Water, The Guyana Institute of Architects, the Mayor and City Council, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and consultations with legitimate contractors, commercial banks and Insurance Companies. 

The ‘Roadmap’ will be officially launched on December 29, and will be accessible on the Commission’s website at ccac.gov.gy or persons can uplift a copy of the handbook at the CCAC office, Sophia Exhibition Complex.