Leguan hospital upgraded- offers new services

GINA, GUYANA, Friday, March 24, 2017

Leguan residents are now benefitting from improved health services via upgraded facilities at the Leguan District Hospital, Region Three.

Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO), Region Three, Shameer Shahid told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that during last year, a new laboratory was constructed for the X-ray department and should be commissioned shortly.

The newly constructed x-ray building at the Leguan Hospital

The AREO pointed out that for the first time two doctors are stationed at the hospital permanently. Shahid added that on the eastern section of the hospital a new physiotherapy department was installed last year, and equipment are being procured. There is also an Electrocardiogram machine for heart tests.

“When we look at healthcare in Leguan, we can safely say that health care is escalating, that is everything has been put into place …so far we haven’t had any major problems in terms of drug shortages or any major illnesses on the Island, but we have a 24- hour service, doctors working night and day,” Shahid highlighted.

Director, Regional Health Services (RHS), Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Kay Shako stated that there have been some improvements in physical resources at the hospital.

Dr. Shako highlighted that some of the extension services at the hospital include laboratory services, as well as the new rehabilitation

The newly rehabilitated physiotherapy department on the Eastern side of the Leguan Hospital

department that was constructed. She said, “These services are there and the lead glass equipment that is supposed to be procured for the x-ray department is underway.  Currently the REO and the region are doing consultation; quotations were already given out for the lead glass to be purchased so that patients can have their x-rays done. For the laboratory department, a biochemical analyser was purchased, and it’s already in stock and waiting to be used.”

Dr. Shako told GINA that it is the aim of the Ministry of Public Health to provide all citizens with quality health care, as far as it is possible through the RHS Department. The Leguan District Hospital serves about 450 patients. Services offered include laboratory, dentistry, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient facilities. Prior to the rehabilitation works at the hospital services offered to residents were minimal.

The RHS Director emphasised that, “we would like not only regional hospitals but districts hospitals to be equipped with the necessary facilities so that patients can go and have their package that is appropriate to their health care.

Some $31.2B was allocated in the 2017 budget to be expended in the health sector, covering seven programmes.


By: Ranetta La Fleur