Local Entrepreneurs are National Assets- Minister Gaskin

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, February 6, 2017

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin described local Entrepreneurs as National Assets when he addressed participants at the Digital Wealth Summit held at the Marriott Hotel recently. The Minister said that local entrepreneurs need to be cultivated and motivated into the greatest possible extent. He noted that successful entrepreneurs can improve living standards from where ever they operate, through job creation, and by making new products and services available.

Minister Gaskin implored stakeholders to look beyond the shores of Guyana, not just for technology advancements, but for markets relating to the goods and services that they are offering.  “There is a big market out there, we have access to the market through connectivity and let us use this tool to extend our reach”, the Business Minister said.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin addressing participants at the Digital Wealth Creation Summit

Minister Gaskin is of the view that Guyana needs more local businesses that can bring in foreign earnings to the country. He said that businesses need to target the foreign markets to achieve this goal. The Business Minister explained that Guyanese can only spend if there is sufficient money circulating in the economy and “money needs to come into the economy from other places before you can circulate and create wealth”.

The Minister said that the mission as a nation going forward must be to develop the country’s local industries. He noted that Guyana is yet to make its mark as an economic power house. “The country must to become the number one regional source for agro products, gold and gold products, wood and wood products. We also have to become regionally renowned for our unique tourism product”, the Minister said.

Minister Gaskin said that the government of Guyana has economic priorities and there is nothing that would please him more than to see the emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs, he said, would take up challenges and enjoy the reward of growth and success in the exports orientated business sector.

The Business Minister told participants that whether they are a farmer, miner or logger, modern technology needs to be embraced because it can make their business and their lives better. The Minister emphasised that when technology is applied properly it can raise the labor productivity by allowing existing work forces to do more with less and create by- products, while opening up new areas of growth.

By: Gabreila Patram


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