Mabaruma Town Council to be audited

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will soon launch an audit into the operations of the Mabaruma Town Council, Region One.

Minister, Nigel Dharamlall, MP, made this disclosure on Wednesday, during a meeting with the councillors, held in the town council’s boardroom. The audit is expected to begin as soon as next week. 

Minister Dharamlall said while the town council is relatively new, it is facing serious financial problems, hence his decision to conduct the audit, to enhance efficiency.

“We are not going to cover anyone who is corrupt and who has misappropriated the council’s resources. As a minister, I wanted to make that very clear to you, and I hope that you will also give us that support to make sure that the monies that you collect and the work that you do with these resources are geared towards the benefit of the people,” the Minister said.

[LEFT TO RIGHT] Major of Mabaruma, His Worship Chris Phang and Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, MP

Since the PPP/C Administration took office in 2020, the Ministry began audits on the operations of several municipalities including Georgetown.

Minister Dharamlall said he would like to see transparency in the council’s procurement process and councillors meeting with residents to listen to their concerns, for timely resolutions to issues.

“As a Government, we will provide as much support that you require to get you to the point where the residents of Mabaruma would like to be. So, next year, you are going to see some massive investments in health in the region, and in particular, in Mabaruma.

This is going to be one of the signature projects that we are doing in your town. You are also going to see some investments in enhanced transportation within the town and also from Georgetown to Mabaruma.”

The Minister told the town council that any investments being made should be in the interest of residents, to promote employment. This approach will ensure that the town’s economy is boosted and by extension, the country.

“I think you should see your position as a very critical juncture with good leadership which not only includes the mayor and deputy mayor but everyone in the council. This town can transform massively and in a very good way,” he said. The town council has received 50 per cent of its subvention to conduct its 2021 work programme.