MASH costumes and floats to be improved

-Day 3 of Mashramani Design Workshop

DPI, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Guyanese designer Anthony Paul wants more locally-inspired content in next year’s Mashramani celebrations.

He pointed out that Mashramani, which is usually dominated by soca and the carnival atmosphere, is an Indigenous word meaning “celebration after cooperative work.”

“I hope the Minister of Social Cohesion emphasises the local stuff [because] Mashramani is an Indigenous word and we, [Indigenous peoples], survived on the natural environment.”

Paul, an eco-friendly designer, says his work promotes protection and preservation of the environment. He is representing Region 3 – Essequibo Islands/West Demerara and hopes to become a nationwide designer.

The Mashramani Design Workshop, coordinated by Dr. Vibert Cambridge, highlighted a three-year work-in-progress programme called “Celebrating Guyana’s Festival Arts.”

Dr. Cambridge said Mashramani was a tradition of festivals, which celebrated achievement.

“Overall, our workshop has one central goal – to improve the design and display of costumes and decorated floats for Mashramani 2020 and beyond,” Dr. Cambridge outlined.

Minister of Social Cohesion, the Hon. Dr. George Norton discussed the ongoing festival of arts, costume design workshop – a component of the 50th Golden Republic Jubilee.

“Our usual spectacular Mashramani costume and float parade, being our signature republic activity do deserve some attention,” Dr. Norton said.

The ministry intends to collaborate with the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, headed by Dr. Cambridge.

Meanwhile, Trinidad-based Guyanese artist Antonio Butts was enthusiastic about the workshop and the rich culture Guyana has to show and develop.

“The participants came up with some really brilliant ideas. I am really excited about that. And you know from that I can see going forward we can develop a mass something, give it a Guyanese brand, and we can export to other countries,” Butts said.

Participants will look at design, presentation and adjudication issues, improved relationships with other designers, and how to launch conversations with key stakeholders concerning the future of Mashramani.