New Recruits Inducted at Guyana’s Prestigious GuySuCo’s Training Centre at Port Mourant

11 youths from villages surrounding Rose Hall Estate begin 4 year apprenticeship journey

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) is pleased to announce the induction of forty-one (41) apprentices to the GuySuCo’s Training Centre/Port Mourant (GTC/PM) on September 6, 2021. These apprentices were recruited recently after the successful completion of a series of thorough assessments and interviews. During the preliminary stage of the recruitment process, 214 applications were received.

Dr Swammi – Company Docctor – GuySuCo

This year’s cohort of apprentices is sponsored by the four operating sugar estates managed by GuySuCo. After the completion of their apprenticeship, it is expected that the individuals be employed at their respective sponsor Estates. Of the recruits inducted, eleven (11) between ages of 16 – 18 yrs. old primarily from areas surrounding the Rose Hall Estate, were afforded the opportunity to prepare themselves for lucrative technical opportunities in the operation of the Rose Hall Estate’s Factory which is expected to become operation in October. 2022. Other recruits selected are sponsored by: Uitvlugt Estate (8), Blairmont Estate (10) and Albion/ Port Mourant Estate (12).

At the Induction ceremony held yesterday, Mr. Jainarine Sookpaul, Manager, GTC/PM congratulated the new apprentices and urged that they continue to uphold the high standards of the Institution and implored that the tradition of excellence be maintained. “You are fortunate as you are the chosen ones. This Institution stands on the pillars of: tradition, honor and discipline. Over the years, the Training Centre has earned a reputation of delivering individuals of high discipline.”

Acknowledging the fact the that this batch of apprentices is commencing their training during the global COVID 19 Pandemic, Sookpaul assured that all measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of each individual. “We have been conducting face to face training since February 2021 and have not registered any COVID 19 positive case here at the Centre. We intend to continue to follow the established protocols and all persons joining the Training Centre must be fully vaccinated. We will provide support to ensure all our apprentices and staff are fully vaccinated.”

Noting, the continuous challenge of remaining safe as society attempts to reintegrate into once ‘normal’ activities, Dr. Ravindra Swammy, GuySuCo’s Chief Medical Officer, reiterated the appeal for persons to observe all COVID 19 protocols and to become fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Shurwyn Stewart, GuySuCo’s Compensation and Business Development Manager (ag) congratulated the new recruits and their families for their bold efforts to forge ahead with their development despite the COVID 19 Pandemic while noting that the successful completion of the apprenticeship is a collective effort by everyone. “ We wish to thank the Government of Guyana for their investment in GuySuCo and GTC/PM but the success of each recruit is a collective responsibility of everyone inclusive parent and importantly the recruits themselves who must maintain a high  level of discipline and commitment.”

Sally Shamsher – Inductee – GTCPM

In an invited comment, the lone female apprentice Sally Shamsher, a seventeen year old from Kingsley Village, West Coast Berbice who is sponsored by Blairmont Estate, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join GTC/PM and is looking forward to realizing her dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer.


In 1957, Bookers Sugar Estates established an Apprentice Training Facility, called the Port Mourant Apprentice Training Centre (PMTC). The facility was established to provide young Guyanese with greater opportunities to equip themselves with technical skills. Since 1957, the number attending training has grown steadily and to date, 3,399 young persons have been trained at PMTC.

GuySuCo’s Apprenticeship Scheme is recognized as the best in Guyana with the majority of graduates progressing into skilled and supervisory positions in GuySuCo after a period of consolidation in their jobs on completion of their apprenticeship. Technical disciplines include: Industrial Electrical Installation, Engineering Fitting & Machining, Factory Process Instrumentation, Heavy and Light Automotive Engineering, Automotive Electrical Engineering, and Factory Process Sugar Boiling. The GuySuCo Training Centre/Port Mourant (GTC/PM) provides an essential function; it supplies employees with core technical skills for the fields and factories. Upgrade and future modernization of the other factories will also require such competencies.