New technologies being pursued to ensure environmentally friendly shipping

– World Maritime Day 2022

The government through the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) is pursuing new technologies to attain a safe and environmentally friendly shipping industry.

This comes as Guyana joins the world in commemorating ‘World Maritime Day’ 2o22 on September 29, under the theme “New Technologies for Greener Shipping.”

The theme reflects the need to support a green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future, while leaving no one behind.

Director General of MARAD, Captain Stephen Thomas

Director General of MARAD, Captain Stephen Thomas on Wednesday, said Guyana will spare no effort to obtain safer and greener seas as ships transport a vast majority of goods.

“Guyana’s ocean area is more than half of Guyana’s territorial area. Thus, we are endowed with the space to pursue greener shipping through the expansion of the blue economy, and the implementation of sustainable economic development initiatives.”

In this regard, Captain Thomas said the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030, underscores the national vision for sustainable economic development that will benefit future generations of Guyanese. The objectives of the LCDS include the stimulation of future growth, and the utilisation of clean energy with a view to preserve the ocean and marine resources.

Additionally, Captain Thomas highlighted some key elements for a greener approach outlined by the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Kitack Lim. This includes a global collaboration between countries relative to the sharing and distribution of information on best practices and sensitisation campaigns.

The IMO has also been promoting technological solutions since the implementation of the greenhouse gas reduction initiative. To this end, a new fuel will be introduced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, new measures are being implemented such as slow steaming, implementation of sails and efficient hull designs to further aid reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Captain Thomas said shipping plays a fundamental role in delivering green fuel globally and will act as an enabler for governments and industries to achieve greater prospects.

“The transition to new fuel alternatives presents enormous opportunities as well as transformational challenges for all segments of the global economy. Guyana will not be left behind as MARAD is willing to work with key stakeholders to ensure that our energy transition align with international standards,” he explained.

Guyana signed the 2015 ‘Paris Climate Agreement’ which aims to achieve global climate reduction in emissions by 2050. As a demonstration of the government’s commitment to the reduction of emissions, which is crucial to the protection of the planet and future generations.

Meanwhile, MARAD has a number of activities to commemorate ‘World Maritime Day’ 2022. This include an exhibition being held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) displaying new innovations being made in the shipping industry.

The MARAD headquarters will be illuminated in green and blue lights to raise awareness of this year’s theme. There will also be a ‘Dress Ship’ exercise, which will see ships honking their horns at specific intervals.