“Not a scintilla of doubt! No govt MP would vote for this motion” – PM Nagamootoo

─ “no-confidence motion against the government will be defeated”

─ ‘govt MPs will not vote for this’

─ ‘opposition wants to hurt the people… destabilise the season’

─ recently held LGE is not a basis to call a no-confidence motion

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, December 20, 2018

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo is confident that the motion of no-confidence which was brought against the government by the Parliamentary Opposition will be defeated.

As he appeared on the National Communications Network programme, Budget in Focus tonight, the Prime Minister assured the nation that not only will the motion be defeated, but the opposition may likely withdraw the motion altogether.

“Not a scintilla of doubt! No government MP would vote for this motion… The motion will be defeated,” PM Nagamootoo remarked.

The Prime Minister suggested that the reason for Opposition Leader Bharat Jagdeo wanting the motion deferred is so that it can be brought to the House at a time when President David Granger is in Cuba receiving medical treatment and the issue of the Prime Minister being in Parliament can be raised again.

However, Prime Minister Nagamootoo explained that he is the Leader of the Government’s Business in the National Assembly and the constitution could not have contemplated him being removed when acting as President.

“The truth is they don’t want Old Naga in Parliament to speak to this motion,” he said.

The Prime Minister emphatically stated that the government will not run away from a no-confidence motion, as it stands strong and prepared for any such matter. He also cautioned the opposition, however, not to be carried away with the recently held Local Government Elections (LGE), as this is not a basis to call a no-confidence motion.

Responding to the no-confidence motion in an earlier statement, the Prime Minister said the opposition was misguided.

“They believe the recent local government Elections has passed a judgement on the government, that it was some referendum on the government which is, of course, not only trying to falsify the notion of Local Government Elections but to use it in an opportunistic way to gain an advantage that it could, in fact, move a motion against the government.”

This Prime Minister noted that the government has given the nation every reason to celebrate this season, but the opposition is bent on hurting the people of Guyana. According to Prime Minister Nagamootoo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge and himself met with the Private Sector Commission after they raised concerns about possible major disruptions.

“The government has done nothing to excite the public, or show that we intend to disturb the peace of the city. Instead, the opposition cunningly set out to destabilise the Christmas and the country. And when this motion is defeated many will question the motive of the opposition leader and his obsession with removing the government. This motion is stillborn doesn’t have the numbers.”

Prime Minister Nagamootoo said he advised the PSC, as a responsible organisation, that it is their duty to request that the opposition leader withdraw the motion.

He also opined that he would not be surprised if the PPP attempts to plant troublemakers to disrupt the Parliament tomorrow. However, he warned:

“They should not try to gain a shortcut to power. Maybe the smell of oil is titillating the opposition MPs to grab power by any means necessary.”

The Prime Minister asserted, “The coalition still remains the majority in the House” and urged the citizens not to be scared away, to go shopping in town tomorrow and have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas

Felecia Valenzuela.

Image: Department of Public Information.


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