Over $25M in Presidential Grants and Land titles presented as 12th NTC wraps up

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 20, 2018

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock tonight brought the curtains down on the 12th National Toshaos Council Conference with the distribution of several Land Titles and Presidential Grants to indigenous communities. Receiving land titles were, Tuseneng Village, Kato and Karisparu in Region Eight, Batavia, Region Seven, Sawariwau Region Nine.

A total of $25,322,202Million was handed over in Presidential Grants.

2018 Presidential grants

Region Payee Description Amount granted
1 Canal Bank Village Council Construction of mess hall $800,000
1 Kariako village council Construction of market building and hot meals kitchen $2,999,170


1 Warapoka village council Cement block making project $1,000,000
4 Laluni village council Construction of community pavilion $1,000,000


7 Quebanang village council Poultry rearing $800,000
7 Wax creek village council Construction of dug out boat $800,000


7 Karrau village council Purchasing of floodlight for playfield $1,000,000


7 Chinoweing village council Upgrade of village office and purchase of village tools $1,500,000
7 Kako village council


Purchase of corial boat and HP15 Yamaha outboard engine $1,500,000
7 Kaburi village council Construction of mini mechanical workshop $1,000,000
8 Kato village council Construction of village kitchen $1,500,000


8 Kaibarupai village council Construction of village office $1,200,000


8 Taruka village council


Construction of wooden tools bond $1,200,000
8 Tuseneng village council


Completion of multi-purpose building $1,200,000
8 Itabac village council


Purchasing of materials for industrial building $1,200,000
9 Tiperu village council Extension of cattle rearing $1,000,000
9 Taushida village council Sheep rearing project $1,000,000
9 Tiger pond village council Fencing of sports ground $1,000,000
9 Yarung Paru village council Sewing centre project $1,000,000
9 Rukumata village council Gravitational water system $1,000,000
9 Pai Pang village council Extension of fuel depot and stocking of more items $800,000



2018 capital Grants

Regions Payee Description Amount granted
1 Savanah black water CDC- Construction of school boat $400,000
7 Phillipai village council Construction of boat $800,000
8 Kaibarupai village council- Transportation of capital items and purchase of food items for kaibarupai housing project $1,723,038



The Toshaos and Senior Village Councillors were called upon by the Minister Allicock to make good use of the land titles and presidential grants to ensure their communities progress. He charged the leaders to build bridges and relationships with their fellow indigenous brothers and sisters as they cannot afford to be divided in the quest for development of their communities

By: Isaiah Braithwaite.

Images: Keno George.