Parents of private school children continue to express gratitude to Gov’t

As $52M in cash grant distributed in Region Four today

The distribution of the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant at private schools in Region Four continued today, with $52M more distributed to grateful parents and guardians.

Roshawna Primo along with several other parents, explained the hardships parents of private school children face to send their children to school.

Roshawna Primo, Recipient

“It might not be much but we are thankful for it, on behalf of all the parents of private schools, we are thankful. With the crash grant I intend to put towards what I have, to buy a desktop for my daughter so that when educational work comes to my phone, she will be able to get it on her desktop.

Shemaine Pilgrim-Lewis, Recipient

Shemaine Pilgrim-Lewis told DPI, “I think it is a necessary and well thought out initiative. I know the parents of the private schools are very appreciative of it. I mean sending your child to private schools doesn’t mean that you’re that financially stable, but it is a sacrifice that parents make in other for the betterment of their child or children. So, I have finished purchasing their school supplies and so forth, so I intend to deposit this into their savings account.”

James Dunlop, Recipient

Another parent, James Dunlop said, “I feel good, the thing is that half a loaf is better than none. With the COVID conversation, we are all finding ourselves in financial difficulties and at least with mine I am able to not only pay for books, but I can also pay off for their tuition. So, I have benefitted and I am very grateful to the government and I must say thanks.”

Additionally, Carl Kanto and other parents feel the extension of the cash grant to private schools was needed, since all children are equal.

Carl Kanto, Recipient

“I feel good about it because I think that all children are equal and should be treated equally regardless of whether they are private or public schools. It will assist in financing certain aspects of their activities because even though they are doing tutoring online you still need to have somethings like paper, textbooks or what have you. So, the cash grant will help in some way.”

Colleen Roberts said, “I think it is excellent, it’s very good, its not always you have enough money, it will help in buying uniforms, it helps in buying the shoes, the textbooks, you have backpacks, it helps a lot.”

Colleen Roberts, Recipient

Among the five schools that served as distribution centres for other schools in the area were the Cherished Lamb Nursery, Smart Minds Educational Institute, Dharmic Rama Krishna, Westfield Prep and ISA Islamic School.