Region 8 residents’ lives set to improve – major infrastructural works ongoing

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The lives of residents, as well as the provision of goods and services will be significantly improved following the completion of major infrastructural work in Mahdia, Region Eight.

Regional Democratic Councillor (RDC), Mohammed Naeem Gafoor speaking with the Government Information Agency (GINA), said that road works in the community are progressing rapidly.

Road works being done on the Madhia road, Region Eight

Gafoor said that travelling to Mahdia, the main hub in Region Eight will become easier when the main access road is completed. The concrete structure will link the Linden/Lethem road, Bartica, Region Seven and Monkey Mountain, Region Eight. It will also open up opportunities for Region Eight residents to transport their produce to the market in Lethem, Region Nine.

Gafoor also mentioned that the improved roads will aid in promoting tourism.

“I can’t precisely tell you, but sometime in 2018, we are supposed to cover the whole of Mahdia with good roads ,drains and water but you know development can never (be) complete, as life goes on you have to work more and more, nothing can complete once you have more people, the population is rising,” Gafoor said .

Over the last few years the community has seen improvement in water and electricity supply, as well as in the education and health sectors.

Road works being done on the Madhia road, Region Eight

There is also a decrease in crime as ‘good policing’ is happening, Gafoor said.

The councillor explained that the RDC has been working in collaboration with the Regional Executive Officer (REO), Chairman and councillors to see development in the community.

“It will take some time to get everything to first class, but we are working towards it. Thanks to the relevant authority and the Ministers of Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Communities among others that have been helping the community develop,” Gafoor said.

However, Gafoor mentioned that there is a challenge with regard to gold.  He noted that the gold is the main source of income in the community and Mahdia depends heavily on the industry, but there is a difficulty in locating the precious mineral.

Road works being done on the Madhia road, Region Eight

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said road works in the hinterland are very important to the Government, and they will continue to make the lives of the Indigenous people easier.

Minister Patterson, while defending his ministry’s budgetary estimates recently, said that the “House will be very pleased to see the works and the length of works that have been completed on the Mahdia roads.”

Additionally, Minister Patterson pointed out that, “The reason why Region Eight’s allocation has been down is because I’m doing all the roads in Mahdia right now, internal roads with concrete bridges…”

In 2017, the sum of $14.1 billion has been budgeted for the continued development and maintenance of roads and bridges.  Of that sum, $2.3 billion has been earmarked for capital projects in the hinterland.


By: Gabreila Patram