Region Seven Children’s Mashramani Competition saw excellent display of talent

Young Guyanese continue to showcase their collective and individual talents across the country through the Ministry of Education’s 2023 Children’s Mashramani Competition.

Students in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) came out in numbers, to celebrate with their outstanding displays and rich performances.

Under the theme ‘Mixing and Mashing in One Guyana’, 17 schools from the region competed in dance, costume display, dramatic poetry, and calypso performance on Monday last.

In the five to seven age group, High Achievers and Beach View Primary secured first place in dance, while St John the Baptist and Precious Gems came in second and St Anthony and Hill View Primary got third place respectively.

In costume display, Batavia emerged as the winner, and in dramatic poetry, Karrau Creek Primary secured first place.

Meanwhile, in the Calypso competition, Beach View and Precious Gems Primary secured first and second place in that order.

In addition, results from the competition in the eight to ten years age group, showed that Potaro Primary got first place in Calypso, St Anthony Primary secured the first place for dramatic poetry, and the dance competition saw Holy Name Primary emerging as the winner, while in costume display, Falmouth Primary took the top spot.

Moreover, in the 11 to 13 years age group, St John the Baptist secured first place in both the calypso and costume competitions.

Two Miles Primary and Potaro Primary secured first place in dramatic poetry and dance respectively.

However, not to be outdone, the two secondary schools from the region also saw entries in all the competing categories with each securing two first places each in the various categories.