Region Three admin. moving ahead with 2019 proposal

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region Three) administration is moving ahead with the creation of its 2019 National budget proposal.

The region official met with Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) representatives, project managers and other officials on Saturday to discuss the way in forward in drafting the region’s budget proposal for the coming year.

(left to right) Regional Vice Chairman, Sheik Inshan Ayube, Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Denis Jaikaran and other officials.

According to Regional Executive Officer (REO) Denis Jaikaran J.P, this will assist the administration to create a plan that benefits every community in the region; ensuring that all residents receive equal services provided.

Jaikaran said the regional administration is partnering with the NDCs to better understand what exactly is needed from the administrative office.

“It is my hope that through these discussions with the various representatives from the NDC and the project managers we will able to pinpoint what needs to be taken care of for the further development of their communities; be it the delivery of healthcare, education, youth development or improved infrastructure,” the REO said.

According to the REO, regional officials have made several visits to various communities to assess ongoing works and to garner and evaluate suggestions for future development made by the councillors.

All regional councillors within the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara area have submitted their proposals to the administration that will be considered for inclusion in the region’s 2019 National Budget proposal.

By: Neola Damon.