Region Two contractors now better equipped to take part in procurement process

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, April 10, 2017

Contractors in Region Two can now make informed decisions when procuring contracts thanks to the Ministry of Communities’ procurement and project implementation workshop.

Over the weekend, the Ministry hosted a one- day workshop at the Region’s Mayor and Town Council’s office. The workshop is the second of 10 to be undertaken by the Ministry of Communities; the first was held in Berbice.

Special Projects Officer, Ministry of Communities, Naaem Khan

Special Projects Officer at the Ministry, Naaem Khan told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that the aim of the workshop is to strengthen the procurement system by making contractors more responsive, and to have more small contractors onboard.

Khan explained that many contractors do not know how to prepare a tender document, and because of this, they are non-responsive to contracts. He said, “due to that, the lack of knowledge by small contractors, the bigger contractors take advantage of that, and they get more of the projects.”

The Projects Officer added that many contractors are also ignorant of the necessary documents required for the procurement process. Some of the documents needed are compliance from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and litigation and financial letters. He said sample formats of these documents have been prepared and are shared with the contractors and the region. The criteria and tender documents are used in all 10 administrative regions.

Procurement Manager, Ministry of Communities, Michael Blackman

Procurement Manager, Ministry of Communities, Michael Blackman, told GINA that some contractors often believe they are unfairly treated and are hesitant to participate in the procurement process. He explained that there are instances where the lowest bidder might think he/she is entitled to the contract, but that is not how the system works. All contractors must satisfy the evaluation criteria first before they are considered a responsive bidder.

Karen Roopchand, also a Special Projects Officer, Ministry of Communities said, “There’s a lot to learn and our intention at the end of the day is to make the system more competitive. We also want to encourage new contractors, existing contractors and service providers to show you where you might have been erring and help you to be more competitive to encourage local development in our communities.”

Chairperson, Works Committee, Region Two, Indranie Coonjah said the

A section of the gathering at the procurement and project implementation workshop at the Region Two Mayor and Town Council’s office

workshop was very enlightening and long needed. Coonjah said, “Being the chair and having to sign off payments for contracted works, I have learnt a lot.  This workshop will make me stronger when making decisions in the future.”

Vishwanauth Doodnauth who has been a contractor for years said he was grateful for the workshop. He said it has been very informative for him and he is better able to make wise choices when completing projects. Doodnauth said, “the workshop was good because at least I deh in the contract system for quite a while and the new things them if I didn’t know they would have affected me but seeing that I come and I know, I would able to gear up myself.”

In the coming months, the ministry, with support from the regional administrations, will conduct similar workshops in the other regions.


By: Ranetta La Fleur