Rupununi Livestock Association gets $1M for agriculture support

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, on Saturday presented the Rupununi Livestock Association with a cheque valued at $1 million to support the ongoing development of agriculture.

The minister was at the time witnessing the opening of Rodeo 2023, dubbed ‘Dust till Dawn.’

Recognising the crucial role that agriculture plays in the country’s economy, the Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali-led Administration has put forward plans to expand agriculture countrywide.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

To promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the sector, the administration has increased the availability of agriculture inputs and services in the hinterland.

Works are underway to improve infrastructure including roads and bridges to facilitate access to markets, while technical support is being provided to farmers to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Further, the government’s plan will provide viable economic opportunities in the hinterland regions, thus improving the living standards of residents.

Meanwhile, Minister Sukhai said Rodeo adds to the unique tourism brand found only in the Rupununi.

“It is Region Nine that is the fastest growing region in our country. The Rupununi is the pioneer in eco-tourism and sport tourism,” she noted.

The minister urged persons there to continue advancing the sector, underscoring its sustainability. She also assured them of government’s support in building resilient sectors.

“Tourism is going to be a key and leading sector in the country long after oil and gas. It will rival agriculture.

“More innovation and initiative are being taken to make this activity more exciting for the visitors,” the minister added.

Hundreds of persons were thrilled in the wee hours Sunday, by horseback riders, who were nothing short of entertainers.

Members of the audience were at the edge of their seats, when the cowboys and cowgirls performed some fearsome bull-riding.