Shining a light into the darkness

─ Miss World 2020 candidate Jamicia McCalman using platform in the fight against sexual abuse

– Aims to fund safe developmental hubs for victims of sexual violence

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, August 31, 2019

Being a victim of sexual abuse at a very young age, Jamicia McCalman, one of the Miss World 2020 candidates, plans to use her platform in the fight against the hideous act of sexual abuse.

Miss World 2020 candidate, Jamicia McCalman.

Her initiative ‘Project See, Save, Eliminate and Educate’ falls under the ‘Beauty with a Purpose Programme’ which is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation associated with Miss World; that raises money and participates in humanitarian projects across the world.

McCalman recently launched her project under the theme ‘rebuilding our nation one mind at a time.’ There, she shared her painful story of abuse that began at a very early age in her childhood. As is often the case, McCalman explained this was carried out by the people she trusted the most, family members.

Detailing how this affected her physically, mentally and emotionally throughout her life and robbed her of a normal childhood. Holding back tears, the McCalman the most painful of all was that blame for the horrendous action was laid at her feet and no one listened to her side of the story

McCalman said, “I stand here before you as the evidence and as the representation of what it means to be broken but not destroyed. I stand here as the evidence of what it means to be gracefully broken and still healing,”

‘Project See, See, Save, Eliminate and Educate’ will be used as a tool to save victims of the abuse and raising awareness with those vulnerable. The Miss World hopeful believes that to achieve her goal, there is need for a bottom-up approach through education.

“We have embraced a culture of concealing our truths because of family shame… It is time the victim-blaming becomes extinct because whether I am clothed in a bikini or a gown, it is not an invite for invasion.”

Through McCalman’s project, children from as young as five years old will be educated on preventative measures that can be used to protect themselves from sexual violence. This will be done through collaboration with both public and private organisations.

“The ultimate the work of ‘Project See’ will ensure that within the next year, sufficient funds are available to develop the first safe developmental hub for families and victims of sexual violence starting in Region 4.”

Despite her ordeal, McCalman is resolute knowing that she has an opportunity to shine a light using her platform. This, she noted, transforms her pain into a purpose that supersedes herself.