Statement from diplomats premature and prejudicial – prominent DC Lawyer

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Prominent Washington DC Attorney Bart Fisher has criticised the statements emanating from diplomats stationed in Guyana that seek to influence the outcome of the national recount of the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections.

In an appearance on 107.1FM Benschop Radio, the US attorney listed a series of grave issues with Wednesday’s joint statement by the ABCE foreign missions.

Washington DC Attorney, Bart Fisher

Categorising the statement as premature, Fischer stated, “one would have thought that the signatories would have respected the process and comment on it only at the conclusion.”

According to DC Attorney, the statement is also harmful as matters pertaining to the elections are under judicial review. “That’s a prejudicial statement even before the matter has been heard by the CCJ.”

The attorney further criticised the statement for its perceived lack of authorisation by the top foreign affairs officials from the respective countries the ABCE diplomats represent.

“I would like to know if these statements were sanctioned by the appropriate ranking,” Fischer said.

Additionally, the attorney noted the joint statement not only flies in the face of Guyana’s laws by showing disregard for the recent Appeal Court ruling but it was a narrow show of support for the next major contender in the elections.

“It is clear they were trying to prejudge this […] it is interference with the internal affairs of Guyana,” he reiterated.

Questioning the rationale for the perceived support displayed in the statement for deeming invalid votes credible, Bart conveyed, “obviously you want to count valid votes. Why would you want to count invalid votes?”