Taxi drivers welcome Govt’s decision to lower excise tax on gasoline, diesel

Taxi drivers on Thursday said they were pleased by the government’s recent decision to lower the excise tax rate on gasoline and diesel throughout the country.

The cost for gasoline has been reduced from $213 per litre to $198 per litre, and diesel from $200 per litre to $185 per litre.

Photo of Mr. Sherwin Clarke (Taxi Driver)

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for finance, Dr. Ashni Singh announced Wednesday that government will further reduce the excise tax on gasoline and diesel, to ease the domestic impact of the continuous rise in the world market price for fuel.

The reduction will cushion the impact on domestic consumers, particularly the travelling, as well as the productive sectors for which fuel is an important input.

Mr. Sherwin Clarke said it was challenging for taxi- drivers to continue their business due to the high cost of gasoline.

“I’m really happy about it. It will save us a lot because with the price, it was extremely high and we as taxi drivers weren’t seeing our way so its gonna benefit we a lot. The government is doing a wonderful job,” Mr. Clarke stated.  

“It’s wonderful because every day you go out to the gas station it’s as though the price gone up five dollars every day, two dollars everyday and that wasn’t fair because all the food and everything else around us are allowed to raise except taxi fares. The minute we put on a dollar on something, people scream. So, if the gas price reduces and we could still keep our prices, no problem, I’m good with that,” Ms. Karen Gray said.

Photo of Mr. Aubrey Frank (Taxi Driver)

Meanwhile, Mr. Aubrey Frank said the decision was a good move, as it will ease the pressure on the pockets of the travelling public.

“I said it’s a good move the government made, when I heard the news that the gas price drop because two days ago, I noticed the price was up…So when I hear the price drop, I said okay, that’s a good move they made to get the price drop down back so at least no bus price wouldn’t raise so the customers would still be paying the same price” he said.