153 health facilities to be rehabilitated as $1B approved

Additional $500M for housing

Some 153 health facilities in the 10 administrative regions will undergo rehabilitation as the Committee of Supply approved $1 billion in supplementary funding for the Ministry of Health.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony explained that the $1.7 billion approved earlier this year has been exhausted, hence the need for additional funds.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

Utilising the $1.7 billion, 132 health facilities in the various regions were rehabilitated, Minister Anthony relayed.

With the $1 billion additional, eight facilities in Region One, 30 in Region Two, 16 in Region Three, 24 in Region Four, 19 in Region Five, 13 in Region Six, 11 in Region Seven, nine in Region Eight and Region Nine respectively and 17 in Region 10 will be rehabilitated.

“Apart from fixing additional health centres across the different regions, we are also doing work to fix living quarters for doctors and nurses in these various regions. That’s what the additional billion will do,” Minister Anthony said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Housing and Water will be spending an additional $500 million to fast track infrastructural development in vulnerable communities in Region Three and along the East Bank of Demerara in Region Four.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Housing Minister, Collin Croal pointed out that, “You will see there are a number of vulnerable persons living along those banks or even in the communities that are considered irregular in the sense of where they are living. So, this is a specific fund that is intended to be expended both in Regions Three and Four as a starter, as I said $500 million is not much to address some of those persons.

“This is in addition to our normal housing programme, which is being addressed through that same $50 billion but not in a fast track way … it’s basically to address in a faster way,” Minister Croal added.

Government is seeking $61 billion in supplementary funds to fund additional infrastructural works in various parts of the country.