$49M abutment works on Moblissa bridge nearing completion

Abutment work on the Moblissa bridge along the Soesdyke/Linden Highway is 90 percent completed. An abutment is the sub-structure on the ends of a bridge which support the superstructure.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, while conducting inspections on the bridge recently, noted that works on the main carriageway commenced due to holes on the bridge, which became hazardous for road users.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and an engineer inspecting the Moblissa bridge.

The holes were formed as a result of excessive water, causing erosion over time. To this end, the ministry executed remedial works.

The contract for repair works on the bridge was awarded to C&L Construction Inc. in February to the tune of $49 million. This was an adjustment from the original contract of $149 million, which catered for the reconstruction of the bridge.

The Moblissa bridge.

The rehabilitation of the bridge saw the abutment wall reinforced with steel and eight inches of concrete. This will prevent it from further disintegrating, and sand from eroding the sub-structure of the road.

Remaining works on the bridge include rehabilitation of the rails, and the reinforcement of the road in asphaltic concrete.

Meanwhile, Minister Edghill highlighted that the remaining funds from the $149 million which was initially awarded to reconstruct the bridge, will be utilised to rehabilitate the Laluni bridge which is in need of urgent repairs.

Ongoing works on the bridge.

“A contract was awarded to do this bridge at Moblissa because we were able to have savings because the scope of works that was done here was not to make over the entire bridge. The monies that would’ve been used for that we are responding to another emergency in Laluni. So, the bills of quantity for what needs to be done at Laluni will be finalised,” the Minister related.

Works on the Laluni bridge will be also be conducted by C & L Construction Inc. and are expected to commence soon.