Botanical Gardens to be upgraded to attract more tourists

The Protected Areas Commission and the Guyana Tourism Authority have engaged local tour operators on ways that the Botanical Gardens can be improved to attract more visitors to the space.

With an interest in improving coastal tourism, the stakeholders took a walk through the area on Friday to assess, and deliberate on how they can make the space more visitor friendly.

Jason Fraser-Commissioner of the Protected areas Commission taking tourism stakeholders around the park

Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Jason Fraser spoke with the Department of Public Information about the importance of the gardens and the need for more tourists.

“The botanical gardens sit on 86 acres in the middle of Georgetown. It’s a very unique space, over 100 different species of birds, other wildlife and it just provides a serene environment for citizens to relax and to come and enjoy,” Fraser noted.

He said birding, for example, is an eight-billion-dollar industry and growing, stating that the body is working on showcasing what happens at the back of the frequently visited area.

Kamrul Baksh-Director-Guyana Tourism Authority

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh also noted that the area has much tourism potential.

“There is immense potential for the development of additional excursions here in the gardens. So, we have brought together some of the licensed tour operators who are very interested in seeing how to expand their own catalogue of tours and experiences. I think the location is very essential and I think it could be more optimally utilised for the integration of the whole tourism circuit here in Georgetown,” he underscored.

Tourism stakeholders walk through the back of the Botanical Gardens

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Wilderness Explorers Carla Vantull noted that she is optimistic about the prospects of developing the area and using it more.

“These discussions that we are having now. It’s just how can we further enhance it there is a gap for excursions and experiences that are close to the coast Botanical Gardens just seems like a no brainer…to just see how we can maximise the beautiful space that is here, looking at some paddle boats for example, so those things can certainly add to what we can do,” Vantull said. She is happy that the stakeholders were included in the consultation.