Pupils expressed confidence, readiness for NGSA 2024

15,488 pupils registered for this year’s NGSA

A total of 15, 488 pupils are writing this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) on May 2 and 3. 

The pupils are being tested in English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) on Thursday morning caught up with students from several primary schools in Georgetown who expressed their readiness and confidence for their exams. 

Student of Stella Maris Primary School, Khadijah Andrews and her mother

A student of Stella Maris Primary School, Khadijah Andrews expressed confidence she will do well since she studied hard for her examinations. 

“I am kinda nervous but I am pretty excited at the same time. I am leaving this school to go to another school. I am nervous because I do not know which I am going to get…” she added.

Andrews also indicated that her favourite subjects are Science and English Language.

Another student of Stella Maris Primary, Kadasi Fernandes said, “I feel joyful but I am kinda worried a little bit about Science. I do well in English Language, Mathematics and Social Studies.”

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand interacting with NGSA students

Rose Thompson, who is a student of North Georgetown Primary said her favourite subjects are Science and Mathematics. She said that she is well-prepared for her exams as a result of her effective study schedule.

Thompson hopes that she will get a placement at Bishops’ High School.  

In preparation for her exams, Lydia Henry from North Georgetown Primary explained that she studied the educational content from the Guyana Learning Channel (GLC) daily.

Student of North Georgetown Primary, Lydia Henry

“For all of the studying I did, I feel confident and prepared for what I am about to face. I know I will be successful,” Henry emphasised.

Although Akeela Millington, a student from Redeemer Primary, is nervous, she stated, “I prepared by studying late at nights. I want to go to Queen’s College.”

Brimming with certainty and calmness was Gabriel Gray of Rhema Global Academy, who highlighted, “This is just some regular exam. It does not determine your entire future. Remember that you have CSEC and college, where you can get a degree and all that even if you do badly.”

Gabriel Gray of Rhema Global Academy and his mother

Grade Six pupils were provided with a nutritious breakfast in preparation for their exams. 

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, during a live broadcast on the ministry’s page, underscored that all the necessary educational materials including textbooks and online content to prepare students for their assessments were provided. 

For this year’s assessment, the curriculum was consolidated to test the students up to Grade Five.

These students were the first set who did the National Grade Five Diagnostic Assessment. 

“I know that you will do well. I know that you are very prepared. Read all your questions and answers carefully,” she emphasised.

She continued by saying, “Our effort is to make sure every child gets a solid secondary education at whichever school you go to. We are working hard to make sure that happens by building new schools…

This year’s results are expected to be released on or before July 5, Minister Manickchand assured.

Some 15,273 pupils from the 11 educational districts wrote last year’s NGSA on May 3 and 4.