Gov’t examining innovative ways for the working class to get more money in their pockets – President Ali

Outlines government’s framework, vision

Even as the government is building out an ecosystem where every citizen prospers, President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali revealed that his government is examining innovative approaches to foster an economy where more money is placed into the pockets of the working class.

This approach to bolster the financial well-being of Guyana’s working-class complements the monumental improvements to wages and salaries that were made over the past years.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali as he addressed a gathering of a diverse and multifaceted workforce at his official residence for a delightful brunch to commemorate International Labour Day, observed annually on May 1

President Ali made the revelation as he addressed a gathering of a diverse and multifaceted workforce at his official residence for a delightful brunch to commemorate International Labour Day, observed annually on May 1.

“We have to find more innovative ways in which we’ll ensure that our farmers can be supported. The productive sector can be supported. As I speak to you, the government I lead, we are examining those innovative ways to ensure that more money remains in the pockets of the workers, especially the working class” the president stressed.

He went on to emphasise that the most critical part of his government’s transformative agenda, is to improve the standard of living for the poor, vulnerable, and oppressed.

Investments in facilities and the necessary tools are underway to enhance the productivity and earnings of the working class.

Vision, framework

According to the president, his government prioritises pragmatic policies over ideology, aiming to enact tangible social change, as he highlighted the slew of positive outcomes owing to the government’s plans.

“We don’t practice ideology and philosophy; we implement measures and policies that give life and meaning to societal change. We practice a proper differential approach to growth and development,” President Ai underscored.

President Ali interacts with members from a section of the invitees at the brunch

He emphasised that the working class will not only have the best welfare package in the region but will also emerge as the most advanced, educated, and skilled population in 2030 and beyond, as the government is actively revolutionising the education sector.

“The education revolution that we have started is not only to give those who can get into university a chance but to give those who never had the opportunity to get in secondary school a chance once again, so that together, in a huge upward momentum, all of us [move] upward together,” he affirmed.

Further highlighting the progress made, President Ali revealed that Guyana’s economy now enjoys an additional 65,000 new jobs, marking a turnaround from the over 50,000 jobs that were lost due to the deterioration of many productive sectors under the previous government’s management.

According to President Ali, he sees beyond organisational divisions, recognising the shared Guyanese identity and the collective pursuit of prosperity.

Shifting his focus towards those who aim to create divisions, President Ali urged them to acknowledge the truth and facts. He invited them to join hands under the One Guyana umbrella and contribute to national unity.

A section of the audience at the brunch hosted by President Dr Ali

“My friends, let us recommit to this task, that has eluded us many times before us…The time is now for the ordinary workers, the time is now for the collective Guyanese spirit to rise, rise as Guyanese, rise as citizens of Guyana, rise as a product of this beautiful country, rise with the future of your children and grandchildren before you, rise in this side of unity,” he encouraged.

President Ali then reaffirmed his administration’s trustworthiness, highlighting tangible progress achieved in under three years, including the fulfilment of almost all of its 2020-2025 manifesto commitments.

Labour Day is a day to recognise the contributions, dedication and fight for fair treatment for all workers. It is also a day to honour the efforts and achievements of workers and the labour movement.