Business galore!

– Farmers Market 2019 a success

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, October 26, 2019

Small farmers from across the country and other small businesses entrepreneurs enjoyed booming sales at the 2019 Farmers Market held earlier today at the D’Urban Park. The annual event which was organised by the Guyana Market Corporation (GMC) provided them with much-needed exposure.

The market not only provided persons with the opportunity to have fresh organic fruits and vegetables but also overwhelming sales for those who capitalised on the event. Conrad Glen, a small farmer out of Buxton and a first-timer to the event, said he could not believe how fast his produce was sold out.

“We walked with a little produce because we did not know it was so big, so we came with the produce and it is finished. So, we sent for some more. When it comes, you will see the stain from the plantains and cassavas and that will tell you it is fresh from the farm.”

Mark Thomas, a farmer out of Vigilance and another first-timer to the Farmers Market event, also enjoyed the same brisk sales. Thomas said “this morning was very good for me, coming for the first time. I am happy because I came with a small quantity but I did not know it would have been so large but come next year, I will triple it.”

Roshanie Shivtahall brought a wide variety of cash crops but within the blink of an eye, they were gone. She explained that business “was so good, that within an hour, everything was sold one; so, it was really good.” While this is not her first year attending the, she acknowledged that this year was the biggest.

Assistant Manager of the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) Agro-Processing Facility, Stacia McDonald, was over the moon that the school also capitalised on the business opportunity. The GSA had several agro-processed products along with fresh produce from the livestock and crop farm. “Presently we are sold out all of our fresh produce. So, business is booming this morning,” she stated.

“It is an advantage because there is the Pinktober Walk and most of the persons who participated in the walk, they stopped and would have purchased their products from us. We are expecting those who did not have the chance to come, will return and support us and all the other exhibitors,” McDonald said.

As for Kenrick Estwick, before he could finish unpacking, his produce was sold out.  “It is not the first time I am here; I normally sell a lot of cilantro but the cilantro plants have sold more than the cilantro itself. The market was good, the callaloo before I even finished packing that was sold. While I was unpacking that was selling,” a beaming Estwick said.

Farmers Market 2019 is one of the many activities being rolled out under Agriculture Month which is being held under the theme “”Sustainable Agriculture for ensuring Food Safety in a Green Economy”.