CSEC, CAPE students extremely happy with results

Students who performed extremely well at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) have expressed satisfaction with their results.

Students with the highest number of Grade Ones include Alex Muntaz, Murizio Mangra, Virendra Dookie, Mariah Sookram, Noah Persaud, Tahsmee Singh, Arthur Roberts and Kuntie Singh.  

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, Alex Muntaz and his parents

The students with the highest number of Grade Ones for CAPE include Naresh Jagnanan, Joshua Gulab, Cleon Jardine, Divya Nandalall, and Zayden Ramotar.

Alex Muntaz from Anna Regina Secondary School, Region Two copped the top spot for CSEC this year with 27 subjects with 23 Grade Ones and Four Grade Twos.

Muntaz who was overwhelmed and with his results indicated, “I felt accomplished.”

As a way of encouraging other students, Muntaz explained that, “they should definitely have good time management to do all their SBAs very early. Because that was one of my problems. I started SBAs this year and finished right before the exams. It held me back from studying most of the times.”

He has intention to pursue his studies in the medical or engineering field.

Alex Muntaz posing with Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

Virendra Dookie from Saraswatie Vidya Niketan, who wrote 20 subjects and received 19 Grade Ones and one Grade Two, has credited his success to, “being diligent throughout my five years at SVN and my parents, teachers and all my friends and everyone else that helped… I plan to pursue a degree in civil engineering at the University of Guyana.”

Tahsmee Singh from Queen’s College who gained 17 Grade Ones and three Grade Twos said, “I feel proud of myself. I know I put in the effort and I did my best in all my exams…”

Singh added that she has already signed up to study a four-year programme, Petroleum Engineering, at the University of Guyana.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand posing with Zayden Ramotar and his mother

Arthur Roberts also from Queen’s College copped 17 Grade Ones, five Grade Twos, and one Grade Three.

In preparation for his examinations, Roberts explained, “there were so many sacrifices I had to make. I had so many late nights and early mornings that I had to endure due to the distance from where I was living, as it concerns my school.”

He also indicated that his next step will be to pursue CAPE, “I do hope I can qualify to write the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination because I believe that I am not yet ready to attend any university. I believe I need some more maturation within these next two years.”

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, Noah Persaud, and Tahsmee Singh

Noah Persaud from Queen’s College received 17 Grade Ones and three Grade Twos.

Persaud stated that preparing for the exams was very difficult for him, “personally, I don’t enjoy studying much. This involved a lot of sleepless nights. It was tiring especially during the earlier parts of this year. It all came through in the end. So, I am thankful for that… My next steps will be going towards CAPE.”

Naresh Jagnanan from Queen’s College who copped the top position at the CAPE levels with 10 subjects received 9 Grade Ones and one Grade Two.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand along with Tahsmee Singh and her parents

Zayden Ramotar from Queen’s College gained six Grade Ones and four Grade Twos.

“I am satisfied with how I performed at the exams. Honestly, I feel that these results were better than I was expecting. But overall, I am happy,” Ramotar explained.

Cleon Jardine from St Stanislaus College who copped seven Grade Ones and one Grade Two expressed, “I am surprised about it. I wasn’t expecting such high results.”

Jardine noted that he will be furthering his studies in medicine or engineering, “Wherever the opportunity is, I will go.”

All the students extended gratitude to the ministry, their parents, teachers, and friends.

Parent of Cleon Jardine, Deborah Jardine expressed that she was not surprised with her son’s results, since he was always an A-Grade student.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand interacting with Cleon Jardine

Jardine added, “I am extremely happy and very proud of him.”

Another parent and teacher, Reshmi Ramroop noted that they would have prepared most of the students for the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) who were successful at this year’s examinations.

“We are very proud and I am very proud of my daughter [Tahsmee Singh]. She worked hard. We never forced her to do what she wanted to do. We just allowed her to explore and the subjects that she did were the subjects that she loved to do,”Ramroop added.

There was a slight decline in the overall pass rate for CAPE, which is 90.85 per cent, as compared to 93.22 per cent in 2022. CAPE recorded constant performance in more than 10 areas, considerable improvements in over 10 subjects, and a slight decline in about six subjects for 2023. 

For CSEC, the overall pass rate for Grades One to Three is 65 per cent, a slight decline when compared to 2022. English A remained constant at 70 per cent while English B recorded a 73 per cent pass rate. Mathematics remains constant at a pass rate of 34 per cent, while Additional Mathematics recorded an improved pass rate of 60 per cent from 53 per cent.