Department of Citizenship advisory to citizens

With a view to easing any burden on citizens, following the issuance of the previous media release from the Department of Citizenship earlier today, further consultations were had and the following adjustments have been made which now replace the previously communicated information.

The Department of Citizenship requests that citizens visiting its offices comply with the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines re infection prevention and control.

  • In order to minimize the risks involved when large numbers of persons are congregated, persons will be attended to in smaller groups and will be permitted entry on this basis.
  • Members of the public are advised that masks are only required if they are caring for a person suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or if they are coughing or sneezing.
  • Persons who do not display any symptoms of COVID-19 and who are not caring for anyone suspected to have contracted COVID-19 need not wear mask to access services at the DoC or the General Registrar’s Office.

These precautions are especially necessary for the DoC since a significant number of persons who utilize its services on a daily basis are foreign nationals, many of whom would have engaged in recent overseas travel and may have been exposed to the COVID-19.

This request will remain in effect until the status of the spread of COVID-19 in Guyana is reviewed.

The Department of Citizenship regrets this inconvenience and again thanks members of the public, in advance, for their understanding and cooperation in view of the prevailing situation.



Imran Khan

Director of Public Information

Department of Public Information