Gov’t fostering economic independence in Massara, Region Nine; Several projects implemented through LCDS funds, presidential grants

Residents of Massara village in Region Nine have been reaping major benefits from several projects implemented from monies attained through the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and the presidential grants.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, recently visited the village where she commissioned some of those projects, which include a swimming pool, pavilion, poultry farm, and a guest house among other facilities.

The new bakery will help to improve the skills of the villagers

“So, all the success that you have seen today and all the projects that we will be commissioning is evidence that the village understands that it is not only about the leaders but also of the people living in the area, working together to make our village better,” Minister Sukhai highlighted.

The minister noted that the government is investing millions across the regions to improve the lives of the citizens.

The newly built facilities will add to the village’s tourist attraction sites, leading to increase revenues and the creation of more opportunities for villagers.  

The ICT hub that was commissioned

Other facilities such as the sewing centre, bakery, and ICT hub will help them to improve their skills making them more employable.

“We are one of the first countries that provide financial grants for our indigenous communities… and here you are today successfully doing what we believe you had the capacity to do,” Minister Sukhai told the residents as she congratulated them on working collaboratively with the government.

Meanwhile, Toshao Lenny Moses described implementation of the projects as a ‘significant milestone’ for the village.

The new sewing facility that will help to improve the skills of the villagers

He said this demonstrates the growth taking place in all indigenous communities across the country.

“All these projects that will be commissioning here today and which were procured through funds from the government is fostering economic independence and creating bountiful opportunities for our people,” he posited.

Moreover, the village leader encouraged the residents to take advantage of the newly built facilities.