GPHC’s Dr. Fiedtkou commended for heroic emergency intervention in life-saving medevac mission

In a remarkable display of dedication and expertise, Dr. Tiffany Fiedtkou, an esteemed anaesthesiologist at GPHC, undertook a life-saving emergency intervention that has captured hearts and minds across the medical community. Dr. Fiedtkou’s swift and selfless action ensured the survival of a young female patient facing a dire medical crisis.

The young patient, situated at Mabaruma Regional Hospital, Region 1, Guyana, was grappling with a life-threatening ruptured ectopic pregnancy. In a hemodynamically unstable state, she faced a precarious situation that prevented her from being transported to Georgetown for immediate care. Dr. Fiedtkou, although not on duty at the time, received the distress call at 02:00 AM and made a courageous decision to volunteer her specialized skills to the critical emergency.

Dr. Tiffany Fiedtkou

Braving the early hours of the morning, Dr. Fiedtkou’s journey commenced with a medivac chopper provided by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) medical evacuation operation (MEDEVAC). Equipped with essential blood products and anaesthesia drugs, she touched down in Mabaruma at 05:30 AM, ready to confront the medical crisis head-on.

Upon arrival, Dr. Fiedtkou was met with a patient in a dire condition, characterized by extreme pallor and an irregular heart rate—a clear indicator of shock resulting from significant blood loss. She immediately initiated an examination and orchestrated the patient’s transfer to the operating room.

Collaborating with the gynaecologist Dr. Ravelo Correoso, the surgical procedure commenced at 06:05 AM. The surgery revealed a staggering 3.5 litres of blood within the abdomen, a life-threatening situation swiftly addressed by the medical team. Dr. Fiedtkou administered vital blood products and skilfully managed the patient’s ventilation, ensuring her stability.

Remarkably, by 06:50 AM, the patient was successfully extubated and placed under observation for 30 minutes before being deemed stable enough for transportation to Georgetown. Arriving at the Accident and Emergency Unit at Georgetown Public Hospital, she now rests in the maternity ward, on the path to recovery.

Reflecting on the intense experience, Dr. Fiedtkou described the intervention as both exhilarating and emotional. This extraordinary circumstance marked her first time operating in such a high-stakes environment, showcasing her exceptional dedication to saving lives, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Dr. Tiffany Fiedtkou stands as a beacon of hope and compassion among the medical fraternity. A specialist in anaesthesiology, she contributes her talents to the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). A part of the GPHC since 2016, her commitment to patient care and her willingness to go above and beyond exemplify the essence of medical service.