Hotoquai Nursery School to be completed by month-end

Nursery-aged students of Hotoquai, Mabaruma sub-district, Region One will no longer have to attend school on a shift system, as the new nursery school is scheduled to be completed by month-end. 

The construction of the new wooden building began on May 8, 2023, and when completed will comfortably accommodate 26 pupils.

Hotoquai Nursery School, Region One

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Wednesday during the distribution of solar panels in the village Headmistress of Hotoquai Primary School, Lelania Benjamin-Hernandez stated that the primary school accommodates students from the nursery level to the primary top (Grade Nine). 

There are 11 classes at the school. 

Hernandez explained, “Presently, we are doing a shift system based on space. So, we have the nursery coming in the morning, which is Year One in the morning and Year Two in the afternoon. Grade One in the morning and Grade Two in the afternoon. And all the other classes are in rotation like that.”

Headmistress Hotoquai Primary School, Lelania Benjamin-Hernandez

When completed, the headmistress highlighted the children will have a conducive environment to learn. 

“Due to the space that will be available, we will have lots of interesting corners and other corners that a nursery school should have. For example, the sand and water play areas, dollhouses, and other corners. Our children will be comfortable,” she added. 

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal interacting with children of Hotoquai

Hernandez commended the government, regional representatives and others for the swift intervention in constructing the school. 

“It is good for us. I really want to thank them for helping us greatly and to ensure that they cater to us and the children so that we can be educated as well,” she expressed.