Lumber trucks to use Linden back roads


  • decision to be enforced following high-level meeting

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, June 9, 2018

Government is seeking to repair back roads in Wisroc and Niotgedacht in Linden for trucks to traverse, especially those transporting lumber.

This is expected to be effective from June 15.

This move will minimise contact with motorists and pedestrians on the other roadways while preserving the physical state of the thoroughfares in the town. This decision was made at a high level multi- stakeholder meeting held on May 6 between the Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 and several stakeholders.

Present at the gathering was Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes; Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valarie Yearwood; Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira; Regional Chairman, Rennis Morian and other Regional Councillors , Mayor of Linden Waneka Arindell and other Municipal Councillors, representatives from the Guyana Forestry Commission; the Guyana Police Force; Region 10’s Road Safety Association; Linmine Secretariat; Linden Chamber of Commerce and other stake holders. Representing the logging associations at the meeting was Mr.Winston Smith.

The May 6 meeting was convened, two weeks after a similar meeting was held to discuss, the issue of accidents on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway. The discussion focused on measures to reduce the number of road accidents caused by logging trucks. Suggestions were put forward for markings on the 45-mile long Highway, a speed limit review, a provision of statistics by the police, and a follow-up meeting with the Loggers Association and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

At this forum there was a unanimous decision to have trucks use the back roads to park at designated spots to allow for the weighing of lumber or cargo.

“We do not want the trucks to use the Winifred Gaskin Road; we want the trucks to use the old traditional mines road…the logging trucks will not traverse Casuarina Drive, they will be using Niotgedacht back road and that is the road we will be upgrading,” Morian affirmed.

The police also committed to playing their role in enforcing the new policies. Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram committed to clamping down on drivers using bright lights at nights and those not furnished with the requisite illuminating equipment such as reflector cones. Also any driver transporting lumber longer than the required 12 feet and that is improperly strapped will be prosecuted.

The police were also called on to commence a robust highway patrol to effect stricter monitoring of lawless drivers. Calls were also made for the Linden Soesdyke Highway to be equipped with signage, road markings and for overhanging trees to be cleared.

Minister Broomes assured the stake holders that government has a long term plan in place for the complete revamping of the Linden highway. A task force will be established to monitor enforcement. Future meetings will also be convened with more loggers so they can voice their concerns. Logging is an important economic activity to the development of Region 10.

By: Vanessa Braithwaite.

Images: Vanessa Braithwaite.