Massive development plans for LBI housing scheme

-first 100 young professional homes to begin construction on Monday

While conducting several site visits along the East Coast of Demerara on Saturday, Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal laid out the infrastructural framework that will see massive development in the La Bonne Intention housing scheme.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal surrounded by a team of engineers and contractors as he inspected the ongoing works at the LBI Housing Scheme on Saturday

He noted that persons who have been allocated lots in the residential areas have been shown their lots and are now able to apply for a mortgage.

“All those persons have already started to sign their letters of agreement of sale. We have also sorted out the ownership, because, when we take over, they did not have ownership. So, that is now taken care of,” the minister said.

Some 450 persons were allocated residential lots in the LBI housing scheme.

The area is separated by a series of zones, beginning with the residential house lots. The second zone consists of young professional homes. The minister said infrastructural works are being prepared for close to 600 of these homes.

He highlighted that, similar to the issues in La Reconnaissance, accessibility poses a challenge with the ongoing works.

“So, you may see the front of the scheme developing, but then to get access to go inwards is difficult, because sometimes a contractor is waiting on the contractor in front of them, or in another case, we would need to get the access road done in order to have the infrastructure,” he explained.

Meanwhile, minister Croal stated that LBI is being developed to attract private investment, and that road interconnectivity is also a priority in this process.

“The other development that is happening on the Eastern side is where private investors will be conducting infrastructural works…for high-end housing, hotel type activities and so forth. We will also be seeing a commercial zone, which will run close to the road connecting Aubrey Barker to Enmore-Foulis. So, you can see how interconnected all the areas on the East Coast are,” the housing and water minister stated.

The minister assured that this level of development will be duplicated in all regions across the country.

“We have to develop all regions, and if we are talking about One Guyana, it means that we will develop all regions,”

He said the allocation of house lots in Region Four is based on availability, pointing out that there is a scarcity of available plots for residential purposes on the East Bank of Demerara.