Min. Bulkan refutes claims that govt delaying work of local democratic organs

DPI, GUYANA, Wednesday, June 06, 2018

“The laws are clear. Finances to fund the work of Regional Democratic Councils, Neighbourhood Democratic Councils or municipalities, have to be internally generated. They do not come from central government. The central government, however, does provide subventions and financial resources, but the major obligation and responsibility to our organs is for their funds to be internally generated.”

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.

Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan made this statement today, in response to claims made by the Opposition, that the government is not supporting the work of the Local Government Commission (LGC).

At a recent press conference held at the Office of the Opposition, Church Street, former Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker said, “The Government sees the LGC as a medium for intervention. To control and to give political directives while sheltering under claims of local democracy.”

Minister Bulkan reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting the Local Democratic Organs whilst respecting their independence. The minister stated, “There is no interference. We are committed to a partnership and cooperating and collaborating with all Local Democratic Organs for the restoration of this damaged system of local government that we inherited. If that statement is accurate, I challenge the People’s Progressive Party to furnish specifics to identify which council, in particular, is being dominated.”

The Minister of Communities noted that the Commission is a constitutional body and the government does not interfere with its work.

The Local Government Commission is tasked with addressing matters related to regulation, staffing and disputes of local government bodies. The Commission was allocated $110Million in the 2018 Budget.

In addition, the sum of $1Billion has been budgeted to be transferred to NDCs and the Nine Mayoralties. A further sum of $200 million has been targeted for the improvement of Georgetown.

By: Ranetta La Fleur.

Photo: Jameel Mohamed.