MOA’s Kitchen Garden project ensuring food security amid COVID-19

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, May 23, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Agriculture’s (MOA) Rural Entrepreneurial Agricultural Project (REAP) has launched its COVID-19 Relief Kitchen Garden initiative.

The programme aims to ensure food security while to assisting citizens to be self-sufficient, and practice healthier eating during this period.

In a Zoom interview, Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, with responsibility for Rural Affairs, the Hon. Valerie Adams-Yearwood, shared the ministry’s vision for the initiative.

“The objective is to ensure food security for families countrywide during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that this is one of the ways food can be secured for all families,”

Minister Adams-Yearwood, noted that owning a kitchen garden saves money and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

“With so many persons at home right now, and their limited disposable income, we want to encourage persons to strengthen their immune systems by eating healthily, and engage them in kitchen gardening to grow their own food which is organic and much healthier.”

The establishment and expansions of kitchen gardens, and support for small-scale farmers, will be the main focus areas of the Ministry’s project.

While kitchen gardens require ample land space, the agricultural minister advised persons with limited or no land to buy containers, or to utilise old buckets, tubs and even plastic cups to start their organic kitchen garden.

The Ministry of Agriculture will be partnering with the Ministry of Communities, the Regional and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils, the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.

Schools, religious institutions, clubs and other organisations are also invited to  participate in the programme.

Minister Adams-Yearwood urged Guyanese to get on board with the COVID-19 Relief Kitchen Garden initiative immediately.

Interested persons can uplift forms at the Ministry’s Head Office on Regent Street, or at their Regional Agricultural Offices and their NDC’s. Forms are also available on the ministry’s website and Facebook page.

The closing date for registration is June 6, 2020.