NSC seeking to establish sporting hub for New Amsterdam youths

GUYANA, GINA, Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The National Sports Commission (NSC) is looking to resuscitate the abandoned sports complex in New Amsterdam, Berbice to provide another avenue for youth development.

The complex was once the sporting hub for New Amsterdam, and was used for facilitating events such as wedding receptions, parties, and sporting activities and even housed a large pool.

The dilapidated sporting complex in New Amsterdam, Region Six

The complex, which was formally operated and owned by the Berbice Mining Enterprise Limited (BERMINE), is now the responsibility of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

Director of Sport Christopher Jones and a team from the NSC, along with the Mayor of New Amsterdam visited the complex last Saturday. The intention is to take control of the site and make it the NSC’s subcommittee headquarters in New Amsterdam.

Jones told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that the NSC, through the Ministry of Education will be writing to NICIL in an attempt to acquire the building. Jones noted that the building will cost approximately $200M to rehabilitate. However, he pointed out that once rehabilitated, the sports complex will be able to generate revenue.

Inside of the dilapidated sporting complex in New Amsterdam, Region Six

“There is need for rehabilitation works to be done on the building. Downstairs there is a sports bar that could easily be rented out for income generation for the commission. There are several spaces that could accommodate persons wanting to host wedding receptions and parties. So therefore, we recognise that this space here can generate income on its own and pay for itself,” Jones explained.

The sports complex is expected to be the main hub for sports related activities in Regions Five and Six, and according to Jones, similar initiatives will be undertaken in  Regions Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.

Mayor of New Amsterdam, Kirt Wynter is delighted that the NSC will acquire the building. The Mayor said that the complex was once a vibrant building but after the mining company left the town, it was left to deteriorate.

Mayor Wynter stated that, “I am glad now that the National Sports Commission is embarking on this venture of taking it up, restoring it and opening it up back to the public where we can all enjoy the facility once again.”

Wynter said that once the building is acquired, the council will be supportive in ensuring that the facilities are up and running again.

By: Isaiah Braithwaite