Region 10 to become focal point in Guyana’s food security drive − Dr Ramsaroop

Region 10 is poised to become a focal point in Guyana’s journey to achieve food security. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (Guyana Invest), Dr Peter Ramsaroop, made the statement during a recent programme.

He said the region is a hub of potential, and to ensure that this potential is properly harnessed and brings development, the leaders of the region must work with each other and the government.

Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Invest, Dr Peter Ramsaroop

“All citizens across the country and in this region need to know what is happening, and what is the benefit. The president’s measure of success is prosperity for all Guyanese,” Dr Ramsaroop said.

He added that one’s political affiliations should not come to the detriment of community development, urging residents of the region to break the barriers hindering their prosperity.

“Region 10 is an important region in the national economy. The president’s initiatives are geared towards ensuring that Region 10 holds up their component of the national economy. So, the government must invest, and we, as a people, have to step up and want to be part of this development. Ultimately, we all want better housing, healthcare, education and better income for our families, and that is what our president is pushing for,” the CEO explained.

Dr Ramsaroop added that a disturbing tenet of the narrative peddled by the region’s leaders is that very little developmental work is being done there, despite the government’s continued efforts and initiatives to spur advancement.

“As you listen to the national budget, as you listen to our president, and as you listen to our ministers when they come, and you listen to the regional leaders with the negativity, you need to be able to sift that out, and push to become part of the development.”

In light of the approaching Local Government Elections, Dr Ramsaroop said residents must pay attention to the interventions put in place by the central government.

He highlighted a host of projects that have been implemented to benefit all persons in the region, such as the corn and soya farm in Tacama, the synthetic track in Wismar, for which works are currently ongoing, and the hemp cultivation project.

Dr Ramsaroop urged residents to get involved in these agricultural ventures being rolled out in the region, as these are slated for expansion as well.

“Get prepared today, and take advantage of what the government is assisting with,” the CEO said.