Region One communities benefit from EDYOU FM sensitisation workshop

Last week, the Ministry of Education’s Radio Station, Edyou FM, visited the Mabaruma Sub-District of Region One, to conduct a series of educational activities.

The visit was primarily to host a five-day workshop for Spanish-speaking learners in the sub-district, which seeks to bridge the language gap between educators and learners in comprehension and expression.

The team also ramped up its community sensitisation outreach efforts, touching base with over 15 communities within the sub-district to share content information available on EDYOU FM radio while testing the reach and strength of the station’s radio signal in these communities.

Some of these areas include Kamwatta, Aruka, Barabina, Hotoquai, Hobodeia, Scared Heart, Savannah Black Water, Peter & Paul, St. Anslen, St. Cyrian, St. Margaret, Barasina, Wauna, White Water, Tobago, Mabaruma, Almond Beach, Hosororo, North West and Barbina.

Additionally, Edyou FM took advantage of these visits to expand its ongoing Festival of Arts Talent show, capturing students’ talents from schools within the sub-district. The station created the Festival of Arts Talent Show to capture and highlight the nation’s talented children in support of the Ministry of Education’s efforts to promote creative arts in schools and communities.

“We are leveraging our presence in these communities to fulfil the ministry’s objectives, equity of education distribution, and promoting musical and other talents in schools wherever we go.” head of Edyou FM, Phillip Williams added.  

Though still in August vacation mode, both students and teachers alike were ecstatic to learn about Edyou FM, its programming, reach, and benefits, especially in far-flung communities.

Teachers expressed the potential impact that radio brings to improve learning in the classrooms while introducing a plethora of learning opportunities to their students and tackling some of the learning challenges.

Edyou FM continues to produce and air educational content on the Ministry of Education’s radio station in their quest to transform and provide distance education across Guyana, enabling and ensuring that the nation’s children have equal access to education, especially in remote communities across Guyana.