Region Ten to get equal share of development – Min. Mc Coy

will not be left behind

The government reiterated its commitment and support to Region Ten on Sunday as it reassured residents that they will benefit equally from development which is sweeping Guyana.

This was reaffirmed by Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with Responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Kwame McCoy and Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand addressed the concerns of residents

Minister Mc Coy said the government has not forgotten the region and it “certainly” will not be left behind but will share in all projects and plans for development.

The minister made the remark on day two of an outreach led by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali in the region.

A resident raising her concern at the meeting

He was joined by Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand for community engagements in Rockstone and Block 22.

“Region Ten is not left behind. Region Ten is not out of our thoughts. Region Ten is not out of our  plans. It is not out of any action that we take as a government. We consider the people of every region and every village across this country,” he assured the residents.

Further, he emphasised the importance of having ministerial outreaches in communities, noting that it’s a practice of the PPP/C government which aims to understand and devise policies and programmes to address  the daily challenges and issues that affect Guyanese countrywide.

Residents at the meeting

Minister Mc Coy, however, called on citizens to be patient as programmes are being rolled out.

“While we are attending to you, we are attending to every other community in this country. And so, the development will be incremental towards making your lives and community better.”

Minister Manickchand shared similar sentiments, as she too addressed the issues and concerns raised by residents.

“If we [government] tell you we will do something it will happen…let’s develop together and let’s do it honestly. So, we can’t tell you yes you will get your seed, yes you would get your water but what I can tell you is yes we will follow this up and then follow it back with you”, she said.

Residents at the meeting

Also, the government committed to providing solar panels to the indigenous community of Rockstone.

Residents are expected to receive the solar panels before year end.

All other requests including the installation of water networks, light, WiFi installation and roads will be addressed promptly.