Regional Multiplex and Recreational Park taking shape in WCB

―Safe public space for active living and recreation of all residents

―Host Regional and National activities

DPI, Guyana, Thursday November 28, 2019.

The regional multiplex and recreational park in West Coast Berbice, now under construction is intended to provide a convenient space to for residents of all ages to socialise and engage in physical activity that will foster good personal health and wellness.

The project is a collaboration between the Regional Administration, the Ministry of Communities and the Ministry of Social Cohesion and is being built on 5.4 acres of land at Onverwagt.

Regional Executive Officer Ovid Morrison recently disclosed that features will include a facility for sports and cultural activities by both local and international performers, a walking/ jogging/athletic track as well as facilities for social events such as family outings, games among others. The overall cost of the project is approximately $148Million.

According to Morrison, the design of the multiplex and park incorporates elements of a ‘Green Space’ concept such as providing features for relaxation and a refuge from noise.

Currently, the drainage system has been installed, the perimeter has so far been fenced with landscaping and seeding of the surface with a suitable type of grass is currently ongoing.  Contracts have also been awarded for the construction of bridges for the two main entrances. Other elements such as shelters, benabs benches, parking lots, trees and vegetation and bleachers are to be established as the project unfolds.

“We aim to provide opportunities for active living and recreation of all residents in a safe, inclusive environment,” the REO said. Adding that while it will not be fully complete the site is expected to be ready to host the ceremony for the 50th Republic Anniversary celebrations in February 2020.