Residents in Region 8 reassured of gov’t’s commitment

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai and her team visited Micobie in Region Eight on Saturday at the invitation of the villagers to address development issues within the community.

The Minister listened to several concerns from residents affected by the tragic Mahdia fire that claimed the lives of 20 children in May and pledged continued support.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

“The government has not departed from this incident, and it is engaging at the highest level,” Minister Sukhai disclosed.

This is in addition to the counselling services being provided to the survivors and families by the Ministry of Health.

Minister Sukhai also visited the families of three students from El Paso who survived the deadly fire.

Discussions were also held to advance development within the communities.

The council and villagers were advised to work in partnership to bring benefits to the community with a special focus on women and youths.

Minister Sukhai indicated the village council and residents should meet to address the completion of their village’s sustainable plans which will outline the development priorities.

Concerns were raised about temporary systems to accommodate students who are unable to attend classes due to the Mahdia Secondary School dormitory being destroyed.

The Minister assured that the matter is being discussed with consultations among the sectors and the residents will soon be provided with a solution.

Meanwhile, the minister handed over two sewing machines to Community Service Officers (CSOs) to support them in establishing micro businesses in garment construction.

Additionally, bags of rice were also handed over to the Maicobie Village Council benefitting approximately 180 households in this village.

During the visit, an ATV was delivered to the Chairman of the settlement of Wailiang/ Kurobrong, Region Eight.