‘The cash grant will do a great job for us’ – Parents

Several parents and guardians in Region Five benefitted from the government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant on Wednesday.  

Parents expressed their gratitude for the timely disbursement of the grant, during interviews with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Parent, Ashmini Tulsiram

An emotional mother of five, Ashmini Tulsiram said, “It will help me out a lot because I have five children to send to school. The government made a promise and they have fulfilled it.”

Tulsiram disclosed that she has a medical condition that hinders her from working. She welcomed the grant, noting that it will be utilised to purchase school supplies.

Grandmother of one, Jean (only name given) from Number 11 Village is  thankful for the financial support.

“The grant will do a great job for us. This money will help me to buy her school things. And I thank the government for it because it’s a great help,” she told DPI.

Parent, Clinton Nurse

Meanwhile, Clinton Nurse from Number 10 Village said he will be spending the $40,000 to purchase additional school supplies for his child.

“I just want to say a big thanks to the president for this cash grant, because it will be more helpful to assist the children with their school things.”

Grandmother, Rajkumarie Rambarine

For Rajkumarie Rambarine, the money will offset most of the expenses for school supplies for her grandchildren.

“I am thankful for this because this will help me a lot more. It will help because I buy six pairs of shoes for them, the school clothes, and bags, and it will work out,” she noted.

Parent receiving the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant

Another parent, Malanie Bridgemohan happily stated that, “The grant is helping out a lot of the children. Thank you to the government who is helping us out with the cash grant.”

This year, over 214,000 children of public and private schools will benefit from the cash grant.

This amounts to some $8.6 billion in disposable income being made available to families nationwide.